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I did it (again)

Yes! I did it. And I have no fear to admit it. Yesterday I bought a dvd-player capable of a lot of formats.

The package said it can play DVD, DVD-R(W), DVD+R(W), CD, CD-R(W), WMA, MP3, VCD and some other stuff I never heard of before. Nice nice I thought and went home at evening to join a night to remember. The last time I watched a movie in my own armchair was on 25th of may, shortly before some poor guys decided to have me lost my stuff right out of the house.

I went home at evening, ripped the player out of his package, put some cables where they fit (there weren’t much holes to plug them around) and watched, ehem, “Blade 3”. Yes. I know. But the sound is good. Today I will get my collection on an updated state, there seems to be a lot of Johnny Depp out there at the moment.

Sidenote: In the booklet for the player there is noted (I like “to be noted”, its on nearly every sentence in the booklet), that not every DVD, not every DVD-R(W), not every DVD+R(W),not every CD, not every CD-R(W), not every WMA-Collection, not every MP3-Collection, not every VCD will be played by the player, depending on the format. And it will not play right-protected discs. Aha. Soso. Good to be a good guy not ripping anything and not violating law.

Conclusion: I am nearly full restored from the givings to my uninvited visitors in may. I may not have a computer yet again at the house, but I think I do not want it anymore there. Technology sucks. This weekend will be called “movend” in my memoirs.