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The year of non-gouvernment

Netter Kommentar in The Nation über das Leben mit einer nicht regierenden Regierung:

Of course, if he [Thaksin] formally submitted his resignation, it would be a totally different story. At least, he wouldn’t be paid as a premier. He could take up a leadership position at Thai Rak Thai Party headquarters; perhaps his salary would come from his wife’s own purse. And newsmen would not have to go through the daily routine of reporting: “The caretaker premier who is on holiday refused to offer any comment on the issues of the day.” If the Thai Rak Thai leader says nothing meaningful, that’s not news; but if a country’s premier keeps shaking his head when asked about all the major happenings in the country, it makes a major headline on the 7 o’clock evening news. And that could very well shake the confidence of foreign investors who still don’t quite understand what’s really going on in this country.