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Hinter den Kulissen

In der The Nation kann man einen Bericht über die Vorgänge am Dienstag hinter den Kulissen lesen. Das ist zwar ein subjektiver Bericht ohne jegliche Beweise, klingt aber sehr interessant. Vor allem die Behauptung es würde Gewalt bei der Demonstration erzeugt werden klingt sehr glaubwürdig. Es gab solche Vorfälle schon eher. Es blieb aber immer gewaltlos, weil die PAD ausdrücklich auf Gewalt verzichten wollte.

(Thanong Khanthong, der Autor dieses Artikels ist der Editor von The Nation.)

The General Sonthi camp learned that during the PAD rally, Yongyuth Tiyapairat and Newin Chidchob were planning to rally their supporters to create an ugly scene at the Royal Plaza. During the ensuing commotion, there would be human casualties. Thaksin would then have stepped in and declared a state of emergency, placing the country under martial law.

Once the situation was under his complete control, Thaksin had planned to fly back yesterday in order to declare victory over anti-democratic elements in society. He had a military reshuffle list in hand that would have further consolidated his control over the military. With that accomplished, everything would have been easy. Virtually all institutions in the country would have been under his directive.

Thaksin’s wife Khunying Pojaman Shinawatra was supposed to take a 12am flight to Singapore on Tuesday night. She quickly changed her flight to 9pm. Well, Gen Sonthi had to let her off the hook.

Twenty-five minutes later, knowing that his wife was safely on an aircraft bound for Singapore, Thaksin read out his state of emergency address from his New York hotel room, effectively sacking General Sonthi.

But an hour later, General Sonthi declared a counter-coup to overthrow the Thaksin regime and tear up the Constitution.